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We are incredibly excited to host Ismael Martinez, head bartender at Hanky Panky (ranked No.22 on World's 50 Best Bars 2023 list) for a two-night residency at our ‘Little Oaxaca’ Mezcal bar! Channeling the spirit of Día de Los Muetros, the cocktail menu will highlight creations featuring our incredible sponsors Mijenta Tequila and Tres Tribus Mezcal.

This experience will be exclusively served on the mezzanine, please plan accordingly and make your reservations below:

~ Nov 1st or Nov 2nd ~

About Hanky Panky:⁣

The name of this world-renowned cocktail bar draws inspiration from Ada Coleman’s cocktail “The Hanky Panky,” which was created in the 1930s at Thee Savoy in London. Her ingenuity and pioneering creativity serve as the driving force behind this establishment.⁣

Initially, Hanky Panky operated as a genuine speakeasy, an exclusive retreat for its founder, Walter Meyenberg, and his close circle of friends. However, as word of this hidden gem spread like wildfire, the nightly lines snaking around the block signaled that the time had come to welcome the public. To this day, the entrance remains cleverly concealed behind a fully operational taco vendor. During the challenging lockdown periods, when Mexico’s restrictions proved more lenient than those of some other nations, Hanky Panky graciously opened its doors to the global cocktail community. This act of hospitality forged a worldwide family of bartenders. Their current menu, aptly named “Passport,” is a heartfelt tribute to this global kinship, serving as a logbook of diverse experiences, flavors, and the profound connections between people.⁣